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    People, I'm just trying to mop up the last few trophies for the SP and could do with a bit of advice. Basically I need to 'kill 50 enemies' among others and could do with a lvl that has a high number of enemies to spam against so up the kill count.

    Any ideas which lvl I should go for?

    I also need the 'destroy 50 buildings' or whatever it is. Again, which lvl will make an easier proposition?

    And finally, I went for doing the final lvl on Hard last night and pissed it. Since playing the SP (in the days after launch) I've clocked over 170 hours of MP, iirc, and returning to the SP to choose Hard for the final lvl, I noticed mention of the aim assist setting being different for each difficulty setting. Is it the case that the MP has no aim assist or at least a comparable lvl to that on the SP Hard difficulty? I only ask because the ease with which I did the final lvl last night was shocking If I'm honest. - 1 run through, killed everyone, got the Gold.

    If it is the case I may go for a bit of masochism and try for the whole story again on Hard :p
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