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    Tips for a beginner? As far as the SP goes its pretty standard fare - Keep up with your squad and try not to die :p

    MP on the other hand is a different beast. Here goes:

    Spot. Spot. Spot. Hit the back/select button. Spot. Spot. Spot.

    Stick with a single class to unlock it's goodies. Your points don't unlock weapons etc across the board, only the class you're playing.

    Play as Medic for uber points hauls. Initially you'll not have all the relevant kit but within a couple or 3 hours you should have med packs and de-fib paddles. If you get in a squad, drop a med pack in a position where you're squad will all run around / over it you'll be whoring points in next to no time.

    Burst fire at mid - long range. This applies to all weapons but esp. the Medics LMG's. On the other hand, the LMG's DO give a nice little accuracy perk for holding down the trigger. Basically the longer you hold down the trigger the MORE accurate your gun becomes. Cains the ammo though :p

    Whore vehicles & stationary guns / launchers. Others do so you might as well. If you're taking fire in a tank it's better to go down with it than bail and then let the opposition knick it - repair it - tear you a new one with it.

    DROP AMMO! If you're playing assault drop ammo packs. Generally, randoms don't tend to drop supplies for others so if you do it'll not go unnoticed.

    Switch kit in game. - If your playing assault for example and manage to take down an Engie / Medic / Sniper, run to their corps and briefly switch out to their kit (stand over their gun and you'll get a switch kit prompt). RPG an enemy tank / drop a much needed med pack / throw out a motion mine to flush out a sneaky camper. After which, pick up you're own kit and proceed upon your merry way.

    Finally, check out these guys YT vids. Good info and tips all round:


    Nice 1!
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