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    Thanks for the pointers guys.
    I have friends who play, but they only really go on hardcore (which I just fail at)
    On core I can wrack up some points, but otherwise, I'm far too busy running away, or scoping my own team and trying in vain to determine whether or not they are in fact enemies (they usually aren't, but I'm always hesitant to fire now).
    Which leads me onto my second problem, seeing enemies up close, they always sneak up behind me, even when I'm following my friend BloodSamus, who is insanely good at this. It's always me who gets taken down.
    Whenever I can, I go recon, but then I hardly do anything and end the game with less than 300pts. Thing is, it's really difficult getting them to play core, so I can only really do that with randoms, and that just doesn't work.
    I go as assault sometimes as well, but I tend to have the same problems, they take me down before I see them. But on core, I can at least capture objectives/plant/disarm. On hardcore, I'm do busy dying or hiding to do any of that.
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