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    Ahhh, Nice to see who Brillcubes is.
    ...Son, that won't do.... that made me spit out my drink everywhere.
    I'll be about tonight for a session too.

    I've been on a knifing rampage this past week. Best game of Laguna Presa Rush - Attack too in a long long time. Me, Vev, BallsyBullent each done 8000-9000 points. All of us with an insane K/D. Mine was 96/23 52 of those kills knife kills!

    For anyone that hasn't added me yet. GT - Megatov I'll pop a request to others on 360 not on my list. :) Me & co. Playing tonight, we'll jump into your session, or vice-versa

    Oh!!...Is anyone hitting the EG EXPO on Thursday 22nd Sep?... Myself, Jenniek, Manic Meady, BallsyBullent and Vev will be there, gonna don some custom shirts and get to the Battlefield 3 booth!, When we played BC2 at EG2009, that was mental fun. We played against EA/DICE, I knifed a shit load of them. :D, I expect EGEXPO v EA/DICE again this year. :D

    @Dutchy Christ, I hope you know what you're in for when you join our games. Team play is usually tight, and the steam roller is out!

    I'll get my knife sharpened for tonight. Gotta 'tag em all!
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