#7653687, By Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (console version)

  • Deleted user 8 July 2011 18:44:21
    Yesterday was a great session for me. Finally broke 10,000 points on Attacking Oasis. Pulling 97/16. :) With awards (got a couple of gold stars) done 23,600.

    With regards to crazy chopper flying at MCOM's the best I've done was on Valdez. Got away with landing the front of the Apache into Bravo while they were disarming, and Vev peppered them all in the gunner seat. Was really funny, and he got 9 sodding kills!

    But, With playing the game so much. I know who most of the chopper whores will be. With plenty of patience, lure them low enough and smash them with a light tank. As said, once they get smashed out of the chopper, their generally shit, or just quit out as they are about to lose.

    I'll be playing again Saturday, had a few rounds with Dutchy yesterday too. That was a good laugh. Did very well, too! Piled on the pressure on White Pass!
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