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    It's been great seeing you join our games again, Nice to get the crew back. Lately when I play, Mad, Ballsy, Phalsh, GirlyGamer, Meditiger, Ka1d + everyone dives in.

    @Acid - Some of our final pushes were immense especially on Arica. We milked the bases down to the last 15, then one big push and took the crates. Immense fun, with regards to the servers, connections have been mint all the time now. Just the bloody spikes where people are swiftly leaving upon spankage and new players fillinf their shoes.

    Last night, on Atacama (it's become the norm now - when we defend) ILP clan, and another clan attacked, and left me and Ballsy a Cobra. Bad idea. We just drove it right back at them, road killed two in their base, and took the apache from right under them. You know the problem then... Once we're in that chopper the black zone extends. So we can fly around their base and kill to our hearts content.

    Like a fucking hawk too, every few seconds, screaming like a bird of prey with its claws out, just road killing people and scooping buggys and cobras. I beg any chopper pilot to start scooping, it's brilliant. Swoop in low and simply ram the vehicle and pull up. The result is that you smash the vehicle quite a distance. Most guys either commit suicide, or go flying with said vehicle. :D

    /goes back to the Battlefield.
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