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    What the fuck is this, other than a home of the demented?

    Stranger: I can feel your fingertips touching the other sides of the keys
    You: Those aren't my fingertips, sugar
    Stranger: I dont know if i would go so far as love, but there is a certain animal lust present that cannot be controlled
    Stranger: your hairy back turns me on
    You: I like animals more than I should. That isn't my hair, it's a cat I skinned.
    Stranger: that is awesome
    You: Tabby.
    Stranger: sweet
    You: I sometimes like to lick myself too.
    Stranger: can i love you like a praying mantis then bite off your head?
    You: That would hurt.
    Stranger: only for a second, but the ectasy would be fantastic
    Stranger: mind blowing, you could say
    Stranger: I loved a cat once you know
    You: Did you?
    Stranger: sure did
    You: Did it scream?
    Stranger: only right before it died of pure bliss
    You: And that's why inserting things into animals is bad and wrong.
    Stranger: I cant really talk much more about it due to pending legal matters
    Stranger: I have no comment on that
    Stranger: even if it is fun
    You: The family of the cat is suing?
    Stranger: Like i said, I cant talk about it
    Your conversational partner has disconnected
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