#4585029, By Micro_Explosion Xbox 360 Effects the sound on my TV.

  • Micro_Explosion 5 Apr 2009 18:10:08 9,692 posts
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    Start again.

    1. What is the exact model of your TV - not just the make ad screen size but the number of the model?

    2. What colour are the cables you have currently connected? Red, green, blue, another red and a white cable? There should be a total of 5 if you're going through HD component.

    3. Are you connecting the cables to the right connector on the TV i.e. all through the same output - Output 1 for example and not a mixture so sound is set to go to one and the picture to another?

    4. Have you checked the settings on the TV that you have it set to output sound via that connection? Are you certain you aren't on mute or low volume?
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