#4587371, By Juninho So is DVD dead then?

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    pistol wrote:
    Juninho wrote:
    how come the majority of surround sounds sets sold in Dixons and such-like still come with a DVD player and not a Blu-ray player?

    I think that's a bit weird.

    (and I don't care that you should buy separates, etc etc blah blah and Dixons and Currys are crap shops, blah blah, just making a point)

    Why is it weird?

    The majority of homes are still using DVD players so it makes sense. Once HD and Blue Ray take more of a hold then I'd imagine you'll start to get BR players as standard. But I'd imagine that's a little way off.

    Well I still don't have BD or surround sound in my lounge.

    I went to Currys to browse the one-stop solution to sort it but I couldn't find an all-in system.

    I just think that is a bit odd - not that they still do DVD surround systems but that there isn't a bigger proportion of BD surround systems.

    There must be plenty of people like me who want to upgrade but can't be arsed with the faffing about with separates etc
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