#4691046, By paulfurn commercial radio in the workplace

  • paulfurn 4 May 2009 05:36:23 237 posts
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    Dont mean to rant but...

    /rant on

    The PRS are the most cunting fuckeheads with regards to copyright today.. I mean FFS trying to charge people because they have the /radio/ on in work... but if you listen to the same channel on your headphones its fine and dandy??!

    Cunts like these are part of the reason people download songs.. so out of fucking touch. No wonder youtube fucked them off and killed most of the music videos these fuckheads say they back..

    Personally I dont download music, only TV shows like Lost, 24 etc (yep I have a Sky sub too, just too impatient to wait!) but these fucks really dont help themselves do they?

    /rant off

    /dons flame retardant suit
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