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    Snakehips76 wrote:
    Well, after 7 hours I'm still confused as fk! Re-read the EG review and it pretty much nails my first impressions. It is one tough game to bluff your way through the battle system!

    I can see this as being hugely rewarding. I just need to figure out how to balance my Hero Actions / Bezels as I have already been stumped on a few battles despite sort of knowing what I need to do.

    Not messed about with the upgrading much yet but I love the hex approach on the map.

    The kooky sense of humour is reminding me of Persona already and that can only be a good thing :)

    Looking forward to a good 12+ hrs on this tomorrow by which time I hope to have made a bit more sense of the bezel balancing :p

    I recommend pressing start and check out the in game manual regarding the battle system (If you haven't already). It's really overwhelming in the beginning and starting without a clue at all could turn you off. I'm 40 hours in and still not fully on top of it I feel :p.

    After a while you'll be using the tri-attacks more and more and they'll become increasingly spectacular as you're able to build up more resonance points. More resonance points means more time in tri-attack mode. Another thing that becomes increasingly important is to crack the enemies' hp gauges to recover your bezels. This is done with direct damage (pistols & grenades). Charging your attack increases the chance to crack the hp gauge. Normally, destroying an enemy nets you one bezel, but by cracking the hp gauge into segments you can recive additional bezels from each segment you destroy. This is also true for enemy body parts.

    So while this may not be a viable option very early in the game: One way to go about it is to first use pistol/grenade to crack hp gauge, then smg to scratch, then pistol/grenade to finish off.

    Also If you shoot off enemy body parts, it can sometimes disable certain attacks, while you can pick it up as loot!
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