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  • spk 24 Oct 2009 00:46:14 50 posts
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    First impressions are very positive. I do find PES just a lot more fun than FIFA. It has more comedy, feels weightier somehow and also the player individuality in PES is vital to the experience. I had FIFA 09 and thought it was slick, but the players were collections of stats compared to PES players and didn`t feel like individual players to me. The ability to play as Swindon Town is very important, but FIFA never felt like real fun to play, to me. Anyway enough of that, PES10 puts a smile on my face and I recommend it. First goal I was "Oh yeah!" It improves some of the old PES niggles, and the only downer is I wanted to start my Wolves master league in Div2 but you don`t seem to be able to do that this year. I did find a pretty good OF by "Rosh" which you can get from Evo Web, but I am waiting for an OF with the Bundesliga filled in.
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