#4612482, By 3william56 Red Faction: Guerrilla (was: Demo is up)

  • 3william56 13 Apr 2009 12:08:20 45 posts
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    Non UK/US folks can still download the game if you register with myTHQ using United Kingdom as region and location (at least I can in Aus).

    Hmmm... I hope it'll improve some with the final development. The geomod is astounding and has enormous potential, but everything is too flimsy; driving through a building or using a hammer doesn't even slow you down. There's no feeling of mass or weight. Environments look straight out of RF2 as well (which was a giant ball of suck) - being half way through Killzone 2 at the moment makes this look like it's made of lego and cardboard.

    And Jesus - that intro is embarassing.

    Cross fingers though.
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