#341042, By Sid_James'_Park Gcube corrupt memory card

  • Sid_James'_Park 22 Jun 2004 03:06:38 193 posts
    Registered 14 years ago
    Try taking out the memory card and replacing it back into the Gamecube. Hold in button (A) when starting up the Cube. If your non corrupt files are accessible then transfer them onto another card.

    I made a complete balls up of my saved games, I bought a 1019 non official card, transferred all my files onto it. Instead of moving the files I should of copied them, so I'd of been able to keep backup files. After one saved game I began to get messages like the object in memory card slot (A) is invalid, please place a memory card in slot (A). I then recieved the message the data on the memory card in slot (A) is corrupt, would you like to format? Not thinking I formatted the card and lost all my game saves. Try putting the memory card in slot (B) and opening it by holding in button (A) on start up and go to manage memory card.
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