#341966, By Sid_James'_Park Gcube corrupt memory card

  • Sid_James'_Park 22 Jun 2004 16:56:17 193 posts
    Registered 14 years ago
    4 memory cards 2 X 251 and 2 X 59 all original and 51 games. My collection is a bit depleted at the moment as I used 16 as part-ex in the 'Game Half Term Special'. Prior to that I put a futher 13 games in part-ex to purchase 4 new titles.

    The titles I used for part-ex were the shit like Turok Mary-Kate and Ashley etc; which I picked up relatively cheap. I can't help myself, when I'm out shopping if I see what I believe is a bargain I'll buy it.

    I thought I'd got the bargain of the year when I purchased the 1019 memory card at 5.99, all my saves on one card with over 400 blocks remaining, I lost the F**cking lot.
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