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    I got into an argument with british gas, I left them over a year ago and after failing to obtain credit i checked my report and for a year every month they'd reported i owed them 255.

    I took it up with british gas and asked why they hadn't sent me a final bill and any reminders or even sent it to a debt collection agency, and simply left the debt to sit and fester. they refused to budge, they blamed me, i kept arguing it and didn't budge, I settled the debt, and told them that because of their failure to notify me of the debt they had completely knackered me up with my credit. kept trying to close my complaint with them. I told them i'd keep the complaint open for 8 weeks and take it to the financial ombudsmen or whichever ombudsmen it was, and they eventually backed down and removed any negative report they put on my credit file.

    next day walked into a bank and got a mortgage. and flew through the credit check, it was a fight, if the credit report is wrong try and get it fixed. they can overlook some issues if a note has been lodged against the fault i believe. But it didnt work for me till i got it fixed.
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