#342742, By Sid_James'_Park Can someone tell me why PS2 will outsell XboX this month??

  • Sid_James'_Park 23 Jun 2004 09:51:24 193 posts
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    Bill Gates is Evil wrote:
    Decoded, I think Sony has sold around 70 million and Microsoft has sold around 15 million. Not sure about Nintendo, but i think it's somewhere around Microsoft's ballpark.
    When the figures were released for total console sales at the end of 2003. The Xbox had sold 13.7 million units, the PS2 67 million units and the Gamecube 15 million units. So your estimation of 15 million is about right.

    When you claim that Microsoft has a 20% share of the market, that would leave Nintendo with 10% and Sony with 70% when in total there's about 100 million consoles sold across the board. This doesn't add up? I have read similar figures from North America where Nintendo has a 51% share of the market with the GBA and Gamecube sales combined, next is Sony with 29% and Microsoft does indeed have 20%.

    I think Microsoft's big mistake with the Xbox was the price reductions so soon after its launch. It was almost an addmission of failure. The more expensive an item is, the more desirable it becomes.

    I've heard of the Yankie Stadium, where the fuck is Microsoft's Ballpark?
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