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    heavy_salad wrote:
    Anywhere doing the collector's edition for cheap-ish? I've just noticed it on Game, but it's 70. Is it a Game exclusive as nowhere else seems to have it listed yet?

    As it is exclusive to the Game mothership then all the websites that have it I've seen so far are part of their collective (and they're not fighting themselves on price) but if you want to save 20 then get the PC version (ok, if you have a PC). Fallout 3 was definitely a bit closer to shiny on the PC and you'll get a lot of longevity if the mod scene decide to expand it like previous Bethesda titles (not checked what F3 is like recently, last time I looked there was some interesting stuff going on but not yet to the same level of crazy as tES games).

    I'm not sure if the CE comes with any of the pre-order bonuses, which is annoying if correct. Game itself has the V13 pack (with the Vault 13 Canteen, which sounds like essential for the hardcore mode unless it is just a repainted version of a generic item) and GameStation have the Merc Pack, and both of them have the CE, so if you do get one then at least you've ot a choice of half the bonuses to choose from.
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