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    Ok, and I really need to work out the tools I'm using before I investigate.

    In nVidia Inspector there is an option to create a shortcut for the elevated privilege mode (MS security centre thingy). Use this and you get access to the compatibility info for each profile. Set New Vegas to the same values as Fallout 3 and you're golden (for some reason the latest driver gave New Vegas the SLI tweaks from Fallout 3 but left the normal mode AA and ambient occlusion settings alone). That's AO 0x00000003 and AA 0x200100C5. You can now turn ambient occlusion usage on and get some of that dynamic shadowing that Fallout 3 was given and it'll fix CSAA so you can have both decent polygon edges and decent grass without any of that nasty white artifacting or random bloom errors.

    New Vegas finally looks as good as Fallout 3!


    Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be that excited about that. Oh well, Bethesda have Carmack on staff so maybe the next generation engine will be something with an id pedigree.
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