#6660439, By Shivoa Fallout: New Vegas

  • Shivoa 22 Oct 2010 13:15:35 6,314 posts
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    After the poking with drivers for a bit to turn on the PC shinies everything has been rock solid stable for me. 8 hours in and I haven't even had a glitch or forced quick-load yet (I was expecting at least one quest to bug out or floor to suddenly lose physics going by the reports of Fallout 3, only worse).

    Hardcore + hard (even with a continual sip of water to stop me dying of thirst well before anything else gets me - note to anyone who says the canteen is too much of a cheat and removes the point of hardcore: role play someone with a taste for alcohol!) is making me very careful of how I move around. Rad Scorpions near my current travels are on my list of things I have to run away from as I'm getting nothing but shield icon (your weapon failed to penetrate their armour, change to a better gun: I don't remember FO3 hiving that notification) and that's rather cool.
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