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    Birds of a feather quest spoilers -

    Hmm so any way to save Cass in the Birds of a feather quest? I take her to Van something and he executes her. If I try to interfere I get my ass handed to me.

    Is there any other way to do it aside from leveling up a whole bunch and coming back??

    I strolled in like i owned the place and killed everyone, probably around level 20 though. Try turning the difficulty down or placing mines about on the walkways so when the guys run to you they explode.

    Brought Cass in and tried to save her as well, laid C4 down all around the soldiers and blew them all to hell, the game said the quest was failed even though Cass was still alive. Had to reload and let her die to complete the quest, it didn't give any positive or negative karma.
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