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    Well, just finished this. Immensely frustrating.

    Got hit but the Major West bug, so he didn't have the dialog option to protect the president for the NCR. Couldn't get the option to appear even using the console. The only way I could finish the game therefore was to work with Yes Man instead; so wasted dozens of hours working with the NCR instead of blowing them away. I had also just got the Remnants to work with the NCR, so when I got to the dam they were hostile and were pretty much the toughest guys there to beat. The Boomers flew over in their bomber and appeared to do nothing - I didn't see any explosions and have no idea whether they made any difference?! The Great Khans' suicidal last stand appeared to consist of three guys in biker jackets who died in 10 seconds.

    The final attack was also weird - went through the the Legion camp and killed the Legate, which was at least pretty tough. Then the NCR general appears with all of 4 bodyguards, asks for a deal even though I've just betrayed him and toasted half his men. I told him to get bent, killed the five of them with my army of upgraded Securitrons and...

    That's it?! There was no NCR camp to attack? There should have been a battle to take out Camp Golf or something; that felt pretty anticlimactic. Yes Man's dialog about leaving to 'upgrade' and become 'more assertive' sounded like he was going to backstab me, which would have been dramatic at least, but instead he just fucked off and then I got the slides at the end.

    The slides are OK, I suppose, I don't really object to them, but the scale of the game means that half of them I didn't give a shit about: Primm was 50+ hours ago, I hadn't gone back to the starting town since leaving there and I'd never even met the Vault 11 powder gangers. Also, there was nothing about the Legion; not even a slide saying 'they never dared come west again', at least?

    Between two massive bugs (I also did all the Brotherhood of Steel missions, but their new leader never took over so I had to go and wipe them all out) and the at least 30 'launcher failed' and crash to desktops I had this morning (far more than in the last 50+ hours), this really took the shine of a decent title.

    Also, two other whinges while I'm at it:

    - Energy weapon ammo was too scarce most of the way through the game
    - Quite a few Energy weapons themselves are too scarce also: things like plasma casters and plasma defenders never appeared, so I couldn't use the single ones I had as they were constant broken and cost a fortune to repair
    - Inventory management is still a joke. A session in the Brotherhood's base trying to get power armour to sell made me question why I play games at all!

    TL;DR: Nerd whinge.
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