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    Nexus 6 wrote:
    I was carrying out hunting missions for The Thorn the other night.

    Went to find Nightstalker eggs in a cave near Bitter Springs as directed. Down there, before getting the eggs is a fenced off cave with a very difficult rating. If you can pick that, then negotiate the trip wire, there is an average locked locker containing, among other items,
    7100 bottle caps.

    That will get you in The Strip no bother!

    There's actually a key to that gated area, I think I found it lying around near a campfire.

    Had an annoying glitch in the Dead Money quest, right outside the Sierra Madre vault, there's a body lying on some pipes that you can drop down to and loot. I did that but got myself killed trying to get down to ground level.

    So my game reloads and, as I'd saved just before jumping down onto those pipes, my character's toppling over onto these pipes, dead. Reloaded again, same thing happened again. I'd saved so close to my accidental death that the game has saved at the moment of dying (!).

    Anyway, I reloaded that save just a while ago and found that the glitch had thankfully cleared itself up i.e. I'm not dying as soon as I load.
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