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    Flying_Pig wrote:
    Really - what were they then? Survivor's Rifle and that green gecko armour?
    Survivalist's Rifle (over 500dps with perks and jhp ammo? Yes please) and Joshua Graham's Armour. JG's Armour has +3% critical chance and 15DT for 8 weight, best DT/weight ratio in light armour, and only Ulysses' Duster has better +Crit%. Given the way armour works in New Vegas, giving a flat damage reduction rather than a percentage, it protects you much better against weak enemies, which you generally don't need protecting from anyway, so it's better to have the extra critical chance from Light Touch and the bonuses you can get from Joshua's armour, First Recon Beret, and Ulysses' Duster. That's even before you consider Ratslayer, a weapon which cannot possibly fail to crit with the right build.

    A Light Shining in the Darkness is also a solid gun, low AP cost solid damage and x2 crit multiplier.
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