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    -cerberus- wrote:
    Can anyone tell me which quest(s) marks the point of no return? I saved on The Strip right before entering The Tops to confront Benny.
    With the Black Widow perk active, I had my character sleep with Benny and I let him go afterwards. I'm guessing I'll still get the chip later on.
    I haven't decided on the path I wish to take so I was wondering at which point exactly is it too late for me to go back?

    Also, at which point is it a good idea to start the DLC add-ons? Or can they be played after completing the main game (free roaming)?
    Here's a guide for avoiding triggering the end game:


    There is no free roaming mode after you complete the main story and you're forced to reload an old save to do the DLC. For that exact reason I have held off until I've completed everything else first.
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