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    Graveland wrote:
    A Feast for Crows by George Martin

    Oh dear, oh dear. What a complete and utter waste of paper. Seriously. I spent a few weeks forcing myself through this turd of a book and for what? Nothing, that's what. The main plot has virtually been ignored, key characters have been utterly exempt from any involvement in the story and the characters that were focused on pretty much did naff all.

    Don't waste your time reading it in detail. Skim read chapters: focus only on the first two and last two pages of each chapter so not to waste your time with pointless, pointless waffle.

    Nothing is resolved, nothing is developed significantly, nothing is worth focusing on. Rubbish.

    3/10 - He gets a 3 for being a competent writer at least in terms of prose.

    If the next volume is equally crap my journey through Game of Thrones will end.
    I couldn't agree more. Having loved the previous books, never have I experienced such a spectactular nosedive. If I'd known I'd have just read a detailed synopsis of everything vaguely eventful that occurred within. Could probably fit into a tweet. Cersei, gah, fist meet face for wasting my eyes.

    (Spoiler is only the name of a character, but since various chara's die/live, better to not give anything away)

    Dance With Dragons is considerably better imo, but hardly stellar, and benefits massively from being the successor to an absolute turd of a book.

    Let the right one in

    Not seen the film, read it on recommendation in other thread. Enjoyed it, not a great fan of vampire fiction normally, unless it's grounded largely in the real world. This is, thus found it rather good. Tailed off a little in the final third I thought.

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