#9355512, By mad_caddy Rate the last book you read

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    RedSparrows wrote:
    mad_caddy wrote:
    Simon Pegg's autobiography, Nerd Do Well.

    Haven't quite finished it yet, but I'm finding it really hard, it's difficult, it feels like one big long self indulgent wankfest. yes it is a book about himself, but my god, dumb it down a bit. and it's interspersed with his own science fiction story, which is just dire.


    Going back to reading Terry Pratchett books after this for a bit I think. or a book called Child 44. not sure yet.
    Child 44 is rubbish.
    It's had bits I've quite enjoyed, thought the first chapter was good and every now and again it picks bits up and starts running with it only to either fumble it or get a little bored and wrap it up. it feels too neat. I'm right at the very end. be glad to finish it off.
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