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  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 15:46:54
    TOOTR wrote:
    espibara wrote:
    All You Need is Kill 9/10

    Brilliant, quite short but very pacy.

    Military Sci-fi.

    A rookie is sent into battle in a Mech suit against alien invaders. He dies within 30 sec but when he opens his eyes he is not dead but once again entering the same battle again.

    He's stuck in a ground hog day time loop, but each time he awakens to live it again, he gets that much better, that much tougher, that little bit further etc.

    Book is being turned into a film starring tom cruise apparently.
    Groundhog day is one reference but surely a bigger one is dying and respawning in an FPS?

    I think the movie has a good chance of grabbing the gamer pound (if there was such a thing).
    Maybe but a cracking read,

    It has a Japanese author and very much follows the samurai code of learn from your opponent and death
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