#4687928, By paulfurn What to do after sixth form?

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    BANGARANG! wrote:
    I'm thinking about the Navy now.

    DONT!! You'll go in with an arsheole and come out with a porthole!

    Seriously though, years ago I went to uni (96 ish IIRC) straight after school and if Im completely honest I didnt have the mindset or motivation to complete the degree.

    I ended up dropping out and went back, funding myself, in 1999 doing a HND (which could be considered a poor mans degree).

    Having said that, I did learn quite a lot in terms of programming which has stood me in good stead for test automation, I've always been a bit nerdy in that respect so that helped too, but for my skills now (test automation and security testing) it has stood me in good stead. Working on a broadband national network support line (1st and 2nd line, fuck me did we put up with some nasty people!!) and doing a CCNA helped too.

    On reflection, I think specialist qualifications (such as the ISEB, CCNA and CEH (certificed ethical hacker)) quals help WAY more than a degree or HND which covers a broad spectrum of skills, whereas if you specialise in a niche market, you can maximise your income (sorry, I know that sounds naf!). I've got YEARS to go get anywhere with security testing, but some of the average earnings once you have a few years behind you are quite nice.

    Good luck in whatever you decide though :)
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