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    OK, because Linux is shit and I can't just plug a microphone in and expect it to work (?), I need help. Basically, I need samples from at least two different environments. The samples have to be recorded in at least two different environments (so like, your bedroom and your bathroom or something), and there has to be at least one sample for each environment. So, in all, at least two samples. The samples can be extremely short, doesn't matter.

    Things like the sound of a computer humming away, or water dripping from a tap, or even you sat on the toilet farting or whatever. Literally anything. As long as it can be attributed to an environment. Those who help me achieve this by recording some sounds for me shall be rewarded with infinite respect or a blowjob, if prefered. A small prize, I know... ;-)

    The quality of the samples is of no particular importance. Record them on your mobile phones or whatever, I don't care. As long as it's audio.
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