#4691049, By paulfurn How big are your biceps boy?

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    Jesus Christ!!!

    I thought Purplue Aki was a myth where I grew up (Liverpool), "yeah he used to bum people then cut "P.A." in the unfortunate victims arse cheeks.... (lol)..... " Prob bullshit like most urban tales... apparently not according to the news...

    My mates and I one day took a short cut from John Moores Uni through Liverpool Lime Street station to get to a car park.. and saw the fucker.... christ we've never moved so quick in our lives!

    Purple Aki apparantly got his name as he was so... well... so deep coloured he was purple... didnt see that myself though..

    He harrased my mate about 10 years ago (who was North West bodybuilding champion at the time), .. and one day asked could he see his muscles (wtf??? but laugh out fucking loud now) and my mate set his rottweiler on him.. despite the end result I still take the piss out him now though :-) Laughing as Im writing this!

    Having seen him /again/ in the news I really think he needs putting down! Mad cunt, and not in a good way...
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