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    Replacing the light gem with that smoky vignetting effect is fucking stupid. The third person 'takedowns', for want of a better word, are fucking stupid. The 'Focus' abilities are really fucking stupid. Garret's ever present hands, like he's playing an invisible keyboard, are fucking stupid. Not using Stephen Russel... you get the idea.

    But having watched a few different playthroughs of the E3 demo level I'm actually still pretty excited about it. I have no idea why. I'm sure they'll ultimately manage to crush my enthusiasm altogether, but for now I'm still just hoping it'll have a decent story and atmosphere. If it feels like a Thief game I'll be amazed at this point though.

    Another thing, the HUD/UI as it stands is fugly and lacks any harmony with the game world to the point where it's jarring, but that's a personal thing. Maybe some people like basic, functional UIs like that, I guess I'm old fashioned.

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