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    anthonypappa wrote:
    the shield has been done and dusted for years. this isn't even a day old.

    don't think this thread was created so you could watch it, then run online and gossip on what happened openly and freely.
    That's exactly what happens on all these thread, actually.

    It's just that some are headed 'US Pace', and some are not.

    As I say, use your modicum of intelligence to realise that it's quite likely the most recent episode is what is under discussion.

    I mean I set it to download in the morning, and watched it on my return from work that evening, it's not as if I rushed frantically to watch it before anyone else.

    Anyhow, rather than being a stubborn and irrational idiot, I have taken on board the fact it was a minor spoiler, and tagged it accordingly.
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