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    Just started the campaign on Veteran and having difficulty straight away! Stuck on the part where you have to escape to the airfield - as soon as the BTR shows up I blow it up, only to be greeted with the message "Your actions allowed your squad to be killed" or something to that effect. If I leave the BTR alone, the same message pops up a few seconds later.

    Uhh, what am I doing wrong? :(

    Quoting myself, how lame.

    Anyway, has anybody had this issue? It's still doing it. I have no idea what to do - if I blow the BTR up it immediately 'kills' me... if I leave it alone it does the same thing a few seconds later.

    This is when you're manning the machine gun on the aircraft as it taxis to the runway? Are you sure that you aren't being taken out by a soldier whilst you focus on the BTR? Maybe someone is still shooting at you from the hanger. On veteran you simply cannot leave any stragglers behind in the on-rails sections.

    It's a bug... I had to restart the level.
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