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    clockworkzombie wrote:
    oldschoolsoviet wrote:
    Trying to unlock Ninja Pro is bloody awful. :(

    Plant the bomb 10 times requires:

    a) being on the attacking side when joining
    b) actually getting the bomb before rabid teammates
    c) passing those two, and actually surviving long enough to plant it
    d) repeat

    Luck rather than skill is the main factor I believe......

    Don't even get me started on Ghost Pro........

    /scans sky for UAVs

    I need to kill a sentry gun for ghost pro. I have not seen any. All I find are SAM launchers.

    Play Demolition if you want to plant the bomb 10 times, everyone starts with a bomb and there's 2 bomb sites, if you make a mad dash for one of them you'll get to plant more often than not, also if the defending team disarms, kill them and plant again. The bomb doesn't have to go off, just be planted.
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