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    Craig0702 wrote:
    The second part isn't. Well, unless you like a really slow mode where everyone appears to be scared to move.

    I'm a child of S+D; it's the most tactical of all the game modes (I would say), cutting down a lot on the massive run+gunning dropshots and completely removing the problem of bad spawning. However, I've started to stray away from S+D in Black Ops because you have, literally, a 15-20% chance of joining a game where you aren't a) plonked into the 3-0 down losing team or b) where the host goes AWOL.

    I'm not a big fan of TDM or Domination (too much madness), but Demolition is a pretty decent halfway house. It's constant action, but people tend to show a decent amount of teamwork with regards to bomb planting/defending.
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