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    Hate has little if anything to do with it, at least not the 'hate' of gamers. It's all about the money, or more accurately, the share price.

    It dived when the recession hit in 2008 (not John's fault) but it hasn't recovered since (which is). They haven't paid out a dividend in over 8 years now and the upcoming quarterly financials are going to show revenue below the bottom end of projections for the year.

    Shareholders were likely to try and vote him out at the next AGM anyway so he jumped before he was pushed. At least this way he can leave on his own terms and name his own successor.

    Just remember, for all this 'hate' that you see on these forums, on gaming websites, on reddit etc... one article in the Wall Street Journal or the BBC is far, far more influential on shareholder sentiment than what goes on here.
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