#4712922, By ColonelClaret People quitting early in Peggle aka BAD LOSERS

  • ColonelClaret 8 May 2009 14:56:30 133 posts
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    M4RKYB wrote:
    Me and the missus need to go to Peggleaholics Anonymous. I haven't tried it on Live yet but the challenge rooms have given us extreme Peggle-rage. Has anybody managed to do Decathalon yet? (10 random levels in a row.)

    By the way, I reckon Master Hu is good but the Unicorn is best for high scores. Love those super long shots.

    Yeah, done all the challenges and you don't know true Peggle-rage until you've tried 100%'ing the later levels. 10 in a row is no bother, really. It took a few attempts but didn't even realise I'd reached the 10th.
    As for your analysis of the Unicorn being useful for the most high scores, I have to strongly disagree. It all depends on the level and the unicorn is only really good for clearing on one level. (in my opinion, naturally).
    I agree with the title of this thread, btw.
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