#4712971, By ColonelClaret People quitting early in Peggle aka BAD LOSERS

  • ColonelClaret 8 May 2009 15:04:08 133 posts
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    GamesConnoisseur wrote:
    I hope in the next generation of console, the rage-quitters would automatically lose achievement points/trophies if they get 10 of more bad reps within a month or similar.

    Would happily acknowledge that sometimes due to other game invite or bad connections, but still darn damn rude to commit yourself to a game and quit when losing!

    Sometimes to keep their record/leaderboard or for achievement then for fuck sake get penalty as well, for quitting so many times in a fair period, get chucked 100 points each time!

    I like your thinking. Maybe, after a loss of connection, they start the next game on -50k or something?
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