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    Well, I'm a bit hopeless :). After I posted here I went over to Mediamarkt to pick up some stuff for a computer I'm updating and somehow coame home with a PS3 Slim :). In the checkout they looked a bit confused as I bought Batman for the 360 and a PS3 Slim but they didn't say anything. I would have expected them to tell me the game doesn't work on the PS3 :).

    My thought was to test the PS3 Slim in the livingroom for a while and then make a decision which one to keep. Having one in both my work study (where I have a top of the line 42" Samsung LCD with a Onkyo receiver) and in our livingroom (slightly older Samsung LCD and just stereo speakers) would allow me to play regarldess if I need to be in our livingroom or in my sutdy waiting for a benchmark to finish on my test computers ..

    In fact, I wonder if MS or Sony at some point will allow us to store our saves "in the cloud" on their servers so that people with more than one console can play their games and access the saves seamless ... that would be quite awesome.
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