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    Smuggo wrote:
    Mr-Brett wrote:
    Heh, UKIP not racist...

    I think you mean not so openly racist.

    Well, I voted for UKIP today and I disagree with you.

    But anyway, if someone doesn't like people of another race, then surely they have as much right to express their view and vote for a party that represents them as anyone else. You might not agree with them, but if you support democracy then surely you support their right to vote for a party that will voice their views?

    Of course. And everyone else in the country, who is thoroughly repulsed by that kind of view, has the right to mobilise support to get out there and prevent those parties from making headway in elections. Hence the campaign to push people out to vote in order to stop the BNP - that's not an abuse of democracy, that IS democracy, bloodied claws and all.

    As an aside, I am entertained, given your usual level of red-faced huffing and puffing over politics on this forum, that you've gone and voted for the only party whose elected representatives are provably more corrupt and self-serving than Labour or the Tories. I don't know that they're racist - small-minded, certainly, but not quite in the same league as the BNP - but they're certainly incompetent and corrupt to a shocking degree.

    Sadly, they'll probably also do quite well at this election, since for the first time in a number of years people on the moderate right are feeling every bit as abandoned by the main parties as people on the moderate left.
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