#4829308, By Shinji Elections; who would you vote for?

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    Smuggo wrote:
    Shinji wrote:
    they're certainly incompetent and corrupt to a shocking degree.

    Can you qualify that statement?

    With pleasure! They've lost a quarter of their MEPs since the last Euro elections in "unfortunate" circumstances, including one of them being jailed for fraud.

    12 UKIP MEPs were elected in the UK in 2004. The first little piggy to have his house blown down was almost immediately, when one of them had to withdraw due to an ongoing prosecution for benefit fraud which he had kept quiet throughout the election. The next little piggy was Kilroy-Silk, of course, and there's all manner of interesting dirty laundry out there about the split between him and the party. Then, last year, they lost Tom Wise - the only UK MEP, as far as I'm aware, ever to be arrested for attempting to defraud his expenses.

    25% out after four years is NOT a good batting average.
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