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    Smuggo wrote:
    UKIP have a man originally from India standing in one of the midlands regions. He was also on one of their party political broadcasts that I saw.

    I stand corrected - I wasn't aware of that.

    People in this country have a horrible tendency to assume that just because you don't like unfettered immigration that you also want to lynch black people and stab muslims. It's absolutely riculous and shows those people as the childish idiots they are who can't have a mature discussion about the impact of immigration.

    Oh dear, you're red-faced and honking about things again. My concern, and presumably that of others, about UKIP's racial small-mindedness was nothing to do with their (admittedly fucking awful) immigration policies, and everything to do with the way that they keep on having minor scandals when it turns out that their members have links with far-right groups like the National Front, Third Way, the BNP and various Holocaust denial movements.

    In UKIP's defence, they generally expel members caught moonlighting with those groups, but one does have to wonder what it is about UKIP that attracts those people in the first place. If you see a big cluster of flies buzzing around in a field, what do you assume is underneath them?
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