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    Smuggo wrote:
    No, it refers to the Liberal party (or Whiggs), which used to be the main opposition to the Tories many years ago.

    They joined with the Social Democrats (a breakaway faction of the Labour party, which wasn't as left wing), and formed the Liberal Democrats.

    However, the Liberal party was very liberal economically and socially, and hence the liberal part of their name refers to liberalism in all its forms, even if they no longer practice it.

    Thank you for the condescending and unnecessary history lesson! In future, can I suggest that you try reading the policy documents of the parties in question to divine what they stand for, rather than trying to divine it from the words in their names like Mystic Meg reading fucking tealeaves, and then acting all butthurt when the reality doesn't match up to your soothsaying? It'd be easier all round, not least on yourself. Ta!
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