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    senso-ji wrote:
    Coming back to the hypocritical thing, UKIP does criticise the money the UK pumps into the EU Parliament, but I heard their leader, in a radio interview, say he got 200k a year expenses allowance from said parliament and was perfectly happy in using it all. This may be one of the reasons why people are so apathetic and distrustful of politicians in this country, they're all cut from the same cloth.

    It was a little more than that, actually. He's claimed 2 million in expenses as an MEP in the past four years, on top of his 64,000 per year salary.

    (And then there are the UKIP guys who were done for fraud, as I mentioned earlier on in the thread - one of them for benefit fraud, the other one arrested for defrauding his MEP expenses, because presumably two million quid wasn't enough for him...)

    So yeah - you need to take what they say with a very, very big pinch of salt.
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