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    The Michael Brown thing (he donated 2.4 million to the Lib Dems and was found, some time later, to be running a fraudulent business - he's in prison at the moment, I believe) is dragged up every now and then to smack the party around with. The allegation is always that they should pay back the money, with the insinuation being that they knew they were dealing with a criminal when they took it.

    Thing is, there's no evidence for the latter, and no request has actually been made by the court authorities for the former - it's hard for the party to "refuse" a request that has never been made. The only people who have called for the money to be paid back are a handful of political rivals who know that finding 2.4million quid would seriously damage a party as small as the LDs, forcing them to pull back on their campaigning.

    It's certainly a fairly unpleasant episode in the party's history, but the idea that the party has actually done something dodgy here is pretty unfair. Now, I'm obviously biased, but I'd be more upset about the Tories, who continue to accept large amounts of money from a small number of extremely rich donors who avoid paying UK taxes by using offshore tax havens - how patriotic!
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