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    Getting a bit back on track here. I've had a Mac Book Pro for a year (the one with the 8600M GPU) and used it primarily to run Vista on it (the Mac Book Pro's are said to be the best Vista laptops acutally) and it did play PC games ok. But do not even with the 9400M on the new Mac Book pro's expect to play newer games at high resolutions and quality settings. I also noticed that the laptop got really hot and that the fan started to whine high after some gaming.

    As for why anyone would use a laptop for gaming. In my case the laptop was my stationary replacement for upstairs and I hooked it up to a 19" LCD and used a separate keyboard. Except for heavy gaming this setup worked really fine and it pleased my wife that I could pack things up pretty quickly and put them away.

    Now I'm actually back to a small stationary computer though. I decided that it was a waste to use the MCP as a statinary as I wasn't traveling a lot anymore (got a 9 month son that I want to spend more time with) so I sold it for a good sum and build a small PC for half that money with much better performance.

    As for the OSX vs Vista vs WIndows 7 discussion. It all comes down to taste IMHO. I got first a Mac Book and then a Mac Book Pro because I wanted to start using OSX (I wasn't unhappy with Windows, just like to try new stuff). OSX never really clicked with me though (First Tiger, then Leopard). I never found it superior in any way, just different. A lot of my annoyances were due to things just being done differently. I hated the lack of delete-button on my Mac Books. I hated the fact that there wasn't a second mouse button on the Mac Book's (and no, having to hold buttons when you click to get the right-click isn't the same) which means I got both a separate mouse and keyboard. I absolutely hated the way OSX handes program windows (separate from the menubar so when you click the close button it doesn't actually ends the program which means you could have programs still running even though I thought I had closed them).

    But these annoynaces were due to me being used to the PC way and simply prefering it.

    As for stability etc. I run several PC's with Windows (and a few with Linux) and I've felt that it really depends on what you install. Some of my PC's have been trudging along without craches etc. for over a year. Others where I install beta-software and beta-drivers can occasionally get unstable at which time I just go back in time to before the install.

    Now Mac-users, that's a breed of people I do not like ;). At least a lot of them. Talk about smug condenceding a-holes who constantly have to tell you how stupid you are because you choose to use a PC (or take pity on you because you "have to use a PC").
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