#9020979, By Scimarad What are you reading?

  • Scimarad 20 Sep 2012 19:41:41 9,397 posts
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    Finished the latest 'Laundry' book by Charles Stross and...I liked it but it seemed to be all over very quickly. I'm actually struggling to remember what happened beyond a few scenes.

    Also read that 'Wool' series that quite a lot of people seemed to be going on about. Had a rather 'young adult' genre feel about it but it was quite good once it got going. It's basically about the latest in a great many generations of people living a huge great subterranean silo after an unspecified global disaster that turned the world hellishly toxic. Gave me a strong urge to play Fallout 3 again!

    Currently reading Rivers of London which is an amusing urban fantasy featuring a young police officer who is sensitive to the supernatural and finds himself working for the part of the police (well, one eccentric guy) that deals with all the weird stuff. Very enjoyable so far.
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