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    A Feast For Crows - George R R R R R R R R Martin. What started off as a brilliant series has devolved into a complete waste of time. 550 pages into the approx. 750 page book and NOTHING of significance has happened, absolutely nothing. Various sources claim he's really struggling to make any progress with the 6th volume of the series, so it really isn't looking good for Game of Thrones readers.
    Due to the speed I devour large books, I got through the second half of the series in a few sittings, which was soon enough to note how they blend into each other and get really, really, sidetracked in pointless shit that no one cares about but is still well written enough to be allowable in a book. There's no way he can make a pay-off for the huge weight of prophecy that he's built up. They also become somewhat formulaic after the 400,000th word or so... ...which isn't hugely surprising.

    The need for an editor is very apparent. He's just a more skilled JK Rowling in that regard.
    That's the problem that I'm finding. He's a skilled writer who pads out his books with vast amounts of needless diversions which go on for hundreds of pages. He has a tendency to double or even triple the length of chapters with unnecessary waffle only to include the real meat and bones in the last few paragraphs.

    This fourth volume has genuinely felt like a complete waste of time. The 550 pages that I've read so far could have been condensed to 150 pages and tacked on the end of the previous volume.
    Completely agree with both.

    The more popular you get the less you are edited whih clearly shows. I love these books but dance was a slog.

    It does help to have the context of the publishing history in mind though. This was originally a trilogy that is now going to be 7 books so there is a lot of filler there. I'm pinning a lot if hope on WoW though.
    This wikipedia link has some info on how 3 books became 7. I can't help but feel that it would have been an epic trilogy http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Song_of_Ice_and_Fire
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