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    This is one of the scenes that, once we have the game in our hands, we won't remember fondly, unlike the other scenes I've mentioned.

    You have no idea how we'll view it - it may pan out to be dull, or it may be a suitable part of an intro to a giant war. Less all out spectacle, more 'shit, this is a clusterfuck and we're dying'. Who knows?

    Even if that proves to be the case I'm not overly enamoured with this little snippet. It hinted at a lot perhaps but the main reason I love Halo trailers is because they cause that shiver down my spine and leave me incredibly excited for what's to come.

    I think maybe this is the closest to an 'in game' trailer they've ever shown and probably won't be modified much at all come the final release and maybe that's part of the problem, out of context it's just a bit meaningless to me (unlike the others which you could tell were all geared to be very much trailers and teasers for the game this just seems like part of the game).

    /After downloading the HD version I have to admit, it is a nice step up graphically from H3 and ODST.

    I have to be honest, they could have just given me the little elite part with "Halo Reach" at the end and I'd have been as excited as I've been for all other Halo games.

    We're fighting fucking elites again! aww yeah!
    I knew we would be, but it's still massively exciting.
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